Growth Scenarios

In April and May 2019, 1,372 people made a submission on the future shape of their city.  In addition, 773 of you responded to a Planning for Growth Facebook survey, and 250 high school students made their views clear by giving the different growth scenarios a big thumbs up, or thumbs down.

The numbers are in, you had your say, and now we know what you want for your city tomorrow.

A breakdown on all submissions and more details on all feedback received can be viewed on the following pages and is outlined in our final report

Our job now is to create a spatial plan which sets the direction for future development, and ultimately helps to re-write the District Plan.

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In this section…

Overall feedback

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Inner city focus

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Suburban centre focus

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New greenfield suburb

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Greenfield extensions

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Key issues

As we plan for growth and the future of our city, there are a few key issues we must consider. It is important that we have an understanding of these issues as we consider the trade-offs and options in the four scenarios.

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Focus areas

Along with key issues we must think about some focus areas around the city. It will be important to consider these areas as we grow.

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1,372  people had their say in which we received:

People have given a clear indication that they think intensification of the city-centre and suburban centres offer the best balance overall all.

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What you said -  Growth Scenario Engagement Summary PDF - 338.97 KB

Growth Scenario Engagement Summary Report  PDF - 5125.3 KB

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Growth Scenario Engagement Feedback Report  PDF - 2665.73 KB

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