Our city is growing. The District Plan is up for review. The decisions we make now will shape the way we live, for decades.

We're reviewing our heritage list

We’ve been working with historians and architectural specialists to identify places and objects that may have significant heritage values. This is so we can start talking with landowners about what they might have, and the ways that we can help them look after it.

Draft Spatial Plan submissions

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the Draft Spatial Plan.

2,897 people made a submission on how the Draft Spatial Plan meets the goals of ensuring a compact, resilient, vibrant and prosperous, inclusive and connected, and greener Wellington city.

We are currently working through the submissions in detail. We expect to publish the report and the submissions in early 2021.

Learn more about the engagement

View the Draft Spatial Plan

What is proposed in the Draft Spatial Plan?

See what the spatial plan is all about from this quick video – it’s in three short parts.  Central City (from beginning), Inner Suburbs (from 4:45), Outer Suburbs (from 9:55).