Our city is growing. The District Plan is up for review. The decisions we make now will shape the way we live, for decades.

Draft Spatial Plan submissions

Thanks to the 2897 people who provided feedback on the Draft Spatial Plan. Your feedback was thoughtful and detailed with fresh ideas and a wide range of views.

We heard that affordable housing must be part of the plan, along with caring for the environment. Pre-1930s character is valued but people also want to see more affordable homes close to public transport and key services.  People felt that our infrastructure needs upgrading and investment to cope with the expected growth.

The Planning Team is working hard to review all the submissions and understand what changes are needed as a result. This will take a little longer than expected given the high quality and volume of input from the community. The Spatial Plan will be finalised in June.

The submissions and engagement reports are available to view.

Draft Spatial Plan feedback

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What is proposed in the Draft Spatial Plan?

See what the spatial plan is all about from this quick video – it’s in three short parts.  Central City (from beginning), Inner Suburbs (from 4:45), Outer Suburbs (from 9:55).