Our city is growing. The District Plan is up for review. The decisions we make now will shape the way we live, for decades.

The final Spatial Plan is getting close

The Council Papers presenting the city’s Spatial Plan are now live on the website. Councillors will be discussing these at the Planning and Environment Committee on 24 June.

Thanks for all your input and support during this process.  Feedback on the draft Spatial Plan told us that people are looking for a vibrant, liveable city. There was lots of focus on intensifying housing, the natural environment, caring for the city’s unique character, and making sure our city’s infrastructure is up for the job.  We listened carefully to all the feedback and have made some changes as a result.

You'll be able to see the final plan and summary documents here once the Plan is finalised.

What is proposed in the Draft Spatial Plan?

See what the spatial plan is all about from this quick video – it’s in three short parts.  Central City (from beginning), Inner Suburbs (from 4:45), Outer Suburbs (from 9:55).