Consultations and engagements

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the Draft Spatial Plan - we’ve had a great response with around 3000 submissions. We will be publishing them as soon as we can.

If you made a submission you will have the opportunity to speak to your submission at forums where you can either present to the committee or take part in a round table discussion with elected members and officers. We will be in touch with all submitters with information on how to register. If you haven’t heard from us please contact

The forums will be held on the following dates:
Wednesday, 4 November 2020 (full day session)
Wednesday 18 November 2020 (afternoon session)
Thursday, 19 November 2020 (afternoon and evening session)
Thursday, 26 November 2020 (morning session)

We are working through the forum times for each of the listed dates and will make contact with submitters on this in due course. An individual submitter will have 5 minutes to speak to their submissions. An organisation will have 10 minutes to speak to their submission. Submitters will be able to join via Zoom if need be. For those submitters wishing to use Zoom, instructions will be sent closer to the time.

Engagement events

Our City Tomorrow engagement

We visited Wellington communities during the Draft Spatial Plan engagement with events and pop ups to provide the opportunity for people to ask questions about the plan.

Watch the 'Planning for Growth Live' event

We hosted a "Planning for Growth Live' online event -  ‘What’s the shape of our city tomorrow?’ on the 13th of August

First Retail’s Chris Wilkinson, Talk Wellington’s Isabella Cawthorn, Vic University Senior Lecturer Rebecca Kiddle, Architect Gerald Parsonson, and Gen Zero’s Arron Cox dig into the detail of Our City Tomorrow (the Draft Spatial Plan) at this live stage event.

We have published the answers to all the audience questions, see the 'Q&As from the event' link below.  Thanks so much to everyone who sent in questions and answered the polls.

Closed engagements

Growth Scenarios Engagement

In April and May 2019, we engaged on four growth scenarios that provided some options on how and where we could grow across the city. This was the start of our engagement on the Planning for Growth project. Find out what we heard and view full details of each of the scenarios.

Read more about Growth Scenarios

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