Growth Scenario Engagement Feedback Report (full)

Between 8 April and 17 May 2019 we asked people to have their say on the pros and cons of four growth scenarios. The numbers are in, you had your say, and now we know what we want for your city tomorrow.

1,372  people had their say in which we received:

  • 1,274 online submissions
  • 50 paper submissions
  • 48 written/email submissions

A breakdown of these submissions and more details on all feedback received is outlined in this final report.

Full Report

PDF - Growth Scenario Engagement Report  PDF - 2665.73 KB

Word Doc - Growth Scenario Engagement Report  DOCX - 764.53 KB

Summary Report

PDF - Growth Scenario Engagement Summary Report   PDF - 5125.3 KB

Growth Scenario Engagement Feedback Summary

This document summaries the feedback we received from our engagement on four Growth Scenarios between 8 April and 17 May 2019.

Growth Scenario Engagement Feedback Summary PDF - 338.97 KB

Growth Scenario Engagement Materials

Engagement Document (8 April 2019 - 17 May 2019) PDF - 5230.83 KB

PDF version of Scenarios Story Map PDF - 6429.36 KB

Scenarios Story Map

Planning for Growth Issues and Opportunities Report

This report provides a background of the overall growth issues facing Wellington City and outlines some of the key challenges and decisions ahead for Planning for Growth.  The report highlights the various other topics that that are relevant to planning for growth and notes how they overlap and are related. The different topic ares covered are:

  • Land use and Housing
  • Transport
  • Infrastructure (Three Waters)
  • Open Space and Natural Environment
  • Climate Change
  • Urban Design
  • Heritage
  • Community Facilities and systems

Planning for Growth Issues and Opportunities Report PDF - 2158.46 KB

WCC Planning for Future Growth: Preliminary Baseline Scenarios

To inform the development of the four scenarios, we engaged Beca Limited to first develop a set of preliminary scenarios to help understand the opportunities and constraints to accommodating growth in different parts of the City. We developed four deliberately contrasting scenarios  and evaluated the outcomes of each on a range of topics such as housing choice, transport, natural environment, and natural hazard risk. These preliminary scenarios were then refined further into the four growth scenarios above. For more information on these preliminary scenarios see the report below.

Preliminary Baseline Scenarios Report  PDF - 2638.25 KB

Pre-1930's Character Assessment Report (2019)

This report is a stocktake of our inner city character areas (Mt Victoria, Thorndon, Mt Cook, Newtown, Berhampore, Aro Valley/The Terrace, and Holloway Road) where the demolition of buildings constructed prior to 1930 is controlled by the District Plan. The purpose of the report is to gain an accurate and consistent view of how well this character has been retained since the areas were first identified in the 1990s. It has been commissioned as part of the Planning for Growth project, and our next steps are to talk with the community and residents about where and how the city should grow, while protecting the things the community values.

This assessment is part of the engagement on the four scenarios, see the scenarios and make a submission. For more information on how these areas relate to the scenarios see our section on key issues.

Pre-1930's Character Area Review (2019) PDF - 11830.37 KB

Pre-1930's Character Area Review (2019) - Story Map

Council Reports and Papers

City Strategy Committee (CSC) April 4 2019  - Planning for Growth: Approval to Engage on Growth Scenarios

City Strategy Committee (CSC) June 20 2019 - Planning for Growth - Report back on City-Wide Engagement on Growth Scenarios

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