Submissions on Our City Tomorrow

Draft Spatial Plan Engagement 2020

From August to October 2020, we sought feedback on Our City Tomorrow: A Draft Spatial Plan for Wellington City.

2,897 people made a submission on how the Draft Spatial Plan meets the goals of ensuring a compact, resilient, vibrant and prosperous, inclusive and connected, and greener Wellington city.

Submissions are available and can be accessed through the link below.

Copies of Submissions on Our City Tomorrow

We have compiled a list of all submitters, you can view the list of all submitters through the link below. The following link will allow you to view all submissions.

List of Submitters PDF - 372.53 KB

How to find a submission

To find a particular submission of interest, use the 'List of Submitters' PDF provided in the link below. Submitters are noted by a Submitter Number as well as Name and Suburb provided in the submission.

  1. Use the 'List of Submitters' to find the submission of interest and make note of the Submitter Number provided.
  2. Click the link 'Access and view Submissions'
  3. Find the submission of interest with the same Submitter Number noted in the 'List of Submitters' PDF (For example for find submitter DSP-01 look for the file titled 'Sanitized-DSP-01-PFG-Draft-SpatialPlanSubmission.pdf').
  4. To view the submission online, click on the submission file
  5. To download a PDF file of the submission:
    1. Option 1: Click on the file and click the download icon [  ] in the top right side of the window, or
    2. Option 2: Click the 'three dots icon' [] and click 'Download'.

Next steps

We are currently working through all the submissions and understand what changes are needed as a result. This work will take some time due to the large number of submissions, and to ensure people’s concerns and suggestions are given full consideration. The Spatial Plan will be finalised in June 2021.

Next consultation

You will have another opportunity to have your say when we release the Draft District Plan later in 2021.

View the Draft Spatial Plan Online

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