Speaker Series | 2019

Our City Tomorrow: The Speaker Series

In March 2019 we hosted Our City Tomorrow: The Speaker Series to kick off engagement for the Planning for Growth Project. The series consisted of three sessions where we heard from the Mayor and the experts on everything from the hopes of our young people, to how Artifical Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we live, to living carbon neutral, to bringing nature to the city.

Check out what our speakers said about being a smart capital, planning for growth, and creating places for people.

Smart Capital: 14 March 2019

Cutting edge technology is unlocking new ways to live our lives. It can make travel safe, keep us healthy and change the way we do business. It has the potential to connect people in ways we have never seen before. When thinking about the future shape of our city, let’s think about how the way we live is changing too.

Planning for Growth: 21 March 2019

Our population is moving, our climate and sea levels are moving, our earth is moving. What does it mean for us, and our city?

Creating Places for People: 28 March 2019

How we live, work and play 30 years from now is being formed by the change that’s happening and the decisions we make today.