Scenario 3

Map of Scenario 3:New greenfield suburb in Ohariu Valley
Scenario 3: New suburb in Ohariu Valley

Scenario 3: New greenfield suburb in Ohariu Valley Overview PDF - 639.43 KB

With just 24% of respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing that a new suburb in Ohariu is the best way to balance trade-offs, scenario three is the least preferred option.  People were concerned about the impact this would have on the natural environment, more cars and emissions, and the cost of providing the infrastructure to support it. On the positive, people talked about this being a way to future proof the city, and incorporate best practice sustainable design methods into the design development.

“Ohariu Valley is a unique rural community with so much history that should be preserved as it is. I do not think the amount of money needed to create infrastructure is a smart use of money and would only degrade a beautiful area that many outside the valley come to enjoy on a regular basis.”

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