Spatial Plan

We are building on Our City Tomorrow, and with your help we are now working to create the strategic direction for how our city should grow.

In 2019 we asked people to have their say on the pros and cons of four scenariosPeople have given a clear indication that they think intensification of the city-centre and suburban-centres offer the best balance overall all.

We have now developed a draft 'spatial plan' which shows the future shape of our city that will then feed into the District Plan Review. Over the next few months we’ll be asking people to let us know what they think and to provide feedback.

Our City Tomorrow: A Spatial Plan for Wellington City

What is a Spatial Plan?

A spatial plan is essentially a ‘blueprint’ for our city that sets out a plan of action for where and how we should grow and develop. A spatial plan includes maps and supporting text to show the strategy for the city’s growth, providing a level of certainty to the community about future change. The spatial plan will enable an integrated approach to the way we plan and shape our city by considering a range of topics relating to the City’s growth  including land use, transport, three waters infrastructure, natural hazards, heritage, and natural environment values. The spatial plan will ultimately provide the direction we need for the District Plan Review and will help the Council prioritise investment for things like transport, new community facilities and infrastructure upgrades. The new Spatial Plan will replace the Wellington Urban Growth Plan 2015.

Considerations for how our city can grow:

  • Housing choice
  • Transport
  • Natural hazards
  • Natural environment and open space
  • A zero carbon future
  • Heritage and character
  • Infrastructure (things like our road networks and water management systems)
  • Community services and resilience

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