Planning for Growth

Planning for Growth is a project about the people of Wellington and bringing the things we love and value about our city into the conversation about how we plan for the city's future growth. Planning for Growth builds on the goals from Our City Tomorrow and includes a review of the Wellington Urban Growth Plan as well as the District Plan, both of which impact and shape Wellington's urban environment.

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How we got here

In 2017, we asked Wellingtonians what they wanted for Our City Tomorrow.

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Spatial Plan

We want your help to create the strategic direction for how our city should grow.

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District Plan Review

We will also be undertaking a full review of the current Wellington City Council District Plan. The District Plan will ultimately include objectives, policies, and rules to implement the Spatial Plan.

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Other relevant projects

Planning for Growth along with other Council projects are all part of the 10-year plan and Council's overall strategic policy. Together they all contribute to our urban environment and help shape the city we love.

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See some of our frequently asked questions and answers for more information on aspects of our Planning for Growth project.

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In this section we will take you through each of the Our City Tomorrow goals and show you a few examples of what we could potentially bring to Wellington to achieve these goals.

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Key issues

As we plan for growth and the future of our city, there are a few key issues we must consider. It is important that we have an understanding of these issues as we consider the trade-offs and options in the four scenarios.

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Focus areas

Along with key issues we must think about some focus areas around the city. It will be important to consider these areas as we grow.

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