Spatial Plan

The final Spatial Plan was adopted by Council on 24 June 2021.

Some further work is needed to make adjustments and changes to incorporate amendments.

In the meantime, you can view the recommended final Spatial Plan through the link below.

View the recommended Spatial Plan

View the summary of the recommended Spatial Plan

Note: this version is subject to amendments and will be updated when complete.

What is a Spatial Plan?

The spatial plan is essentially a ‘blueprint’ for our city that sets out a plan of action for where and how we should grow and develop over the next 30 years.

The spatial plan helps shape our city by considering a range of topics relating to the City’s growth including land use, transport, three waters infrastructure, natural hazards, heritage, and natural environment values.

The spatial plan puts a plan in place for how we will grow, providing the key policy direction needed to influence the review of the District Plan.

It will also help the Council prioritise investment for things like transport, new community facilities and infrastructure upgrades.

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You can view the draft Spatial Plan through the link below.

View Draft Spatial Plan