How we got here

How We Got Here - Our City Tomorrow Goals

In 2017, we asked Wellingtonians what they wanted for Our City Tomorrow. The people told us they want a city that is:

  • compact
  • inclusive and connected
  • greener
  • resilient
  • vibrant and prosperous.

We also know people support better public transport and more opportunities to walk and cycle around the city from Let's Get Wellington Moving.

We consulted on our 10-Year Plan last year, which included the Planning for Growth project as a priority. People supported our focus on growth and future-proofing the city. They also supported us working with partners in government and the community to increase housing supply. Council adopted the 10-Year Plan, including this project in June 2018.

We are building on Our City Tomorrow, and with your help we are now working to create the strategic direction for how our city should grow.

In March 2019 we hosted Our City Tomorrow: The Speaker Series to kick off engagement for the Planning for Growth Project. The series consisted of three sessions where we heard from the Mayor and the experts on everything from the hopes of our young people, to how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we live, to living carbon neutral, to bringing nature to the city.

Check out what the speakers said about being a smart capital, planning for growth, and creating places for people.

Between 8 April and 17 May 2019 we asked people to have their say on the pros and cons of  four scenarios. Thank you to everyone who made a submission. We appreciate you getting involved in this important conversation.

You can now view the results from your feedback here. People have given a clear indication that they think intensification of the city-centre and suburban-centres offer the best balance overall all.

The feedback we received will help us create a 'spatial plan' which shows the future shape of our city, that will then feed into the District Plan Review.