District Plan Review

We are undertaking a full review of the current Wellington City District Plan as part of the Planning for Growth work.

The District Plan will ultimately include objectives, policies, and rules to implement the Our City Tomorrow: A Spatial Plan for Wellington City.

What is a District Plan

The District Plan is the 'rulebook' for land development in our city. It helps us manage development of the city by regulating the environmental effects created by new buildings and activities.

As a Council, we are required to have a District Plan under the The Resource Management Act 1991 to promote the sustainable management of the natural and physical resources in Wellington.

When will the District Plan Review begin?

The District Plan Review process will start in late 2021, when we'll be seeking feedback on a Draft District Plan. In 2022 we'll be consulting on the Proposed District Plan that will be ongoing until 2023.

See what's next for the Planning for Growth project or contact us at planningforgrowth@wcc.govt.nz for more information.

View the current Wellington City District Plan

Our District Plan helps us manage the development of the city. It contains rules that may affect you if you're making a development or land-use proposal.

The Plan was first made operative in 2000, in which there have been 83 subsequent Plan Changes. Completing a full review of the District Plan allows us to take an integrated, holistic approach to bring the plan up to date and align with the direction outlined in the Spatial Plan, and meet our statutory requirements (e.g. implementing the National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020).

Learn about the Spatial Plan

View Our City Tomorrow: Draft Spatial Plan for Wellington City which provides a 'blueprint' that sets out a plan of action for where and how we should grow and develop over the next 30 years.

Review the Draft Spatial Plan and learn more

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